Camco Deluxe RV Starter Kit

Product Details

This Camco Deluxe RV Starter Kit is the perfect companion for your RV adventures. It provides an array of essential accessories to ensure you’re well-equipped for any unexpected needs or repairs while on-the-go. The kit includes a TastePURE 25-foot drinking water hose, a 10-foot ready-to-use sewer kit, a 4-in-1 quick connect sewer fitting, a brass water pressure regulator, an individual roll of TST 2-ply toilet tissue, three TST Orange Drop-Ins, and a 15M/30F Power Grip adapter. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you have the basics covered with this comprehensive RV starter kit.

– Compatibility: Designed for use with any type of RV
– Convenience: Provides basic accessories to start your season right
– Versatility: Ideal for unexpected needs or repairs during your travels
– TastePURE 25-foot drinking water hose
– 10-foot ready-to-use sewer kit
– 4-in-1 quick connect sewer fitting
– Brass water pressure regulator
– Individual roll of TST 2-ply toilet tissue
– Three TST Orange Drop-Ins
– 15M/30F Power Grip adapter


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