Winegard SensarPro TV Signal Meter, White • RFL-342

Product Details

The Winegard SensarPro TV Signal Meter in white (model RFL-342) offers a seamless solution for optimizing your TV signal reception. This advanced device ensures superior signal quality by allowing you to easily adjust the amplifier gain with a simple press of a button. Whether you’re dealing with weak signals or signal overload, the SensarPro lets you fine-tune the gain for perfect reception every time.

Key Features:
– Adjustable Amplifier: Increase or decrease gain effortlessly
– Scan, Seek, and Channel Modes: Peak in signals before scanning for channels
– Easy Antenna Aiming: Audio signal feedback, 100 point scale aiming system, and U.S. specific signal focus
– Compatibility: Works with all Winegard Sensar and Rayzar antennas

– Color: White
– Model: RFL-342
– Easy installation with included hardware
– Adjustable volume audio signal feedback
– 100 point scale aiming system
– U.S. specific signal focus
– Compatible with Winegard Sensar and Rayzar antennas

Included in the Box:
– SensarPro Wall Plate
– Signal Meter Spacer
– Spade Connectors (2)
– Hardware Bag
– Printed Documentation


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