Winegard SensarPro TV Signal Meter, White • RFL-342

Product Details

  • More Signal, Less Signal, No Problem – The SensarPro contains an adjustable amplifier to easily increase or decrease the gain with a press of a button. Increase for hard to get channels or decrease for overloaded signals close to your location for perfect reception!
  • Scan, Seek and Channel Modes – Allows you to peak in signals prior to running a channel scan on your TV. Save time and watch your favorite shows in the absolute best signal quality possible.
  • Easy Antenna Aiming – The SensarPro’s adjustable volume audio signal feedback, 100 point scale aiming system and U.S. specific signal focus makes your antenna easier to aim than ever before!
  • Compatibility – Compatible with all Winegard Sensar and Rayzar antennas

In The Box:

  • SensarPro Wall Plate
  • Signal Meter Spacer
  • Spade Connectors (2)
  • Hardware Bag
  • Printed Documentation


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