WFCO Power Center with Auto-Detect – 25 Amps DC • WF-8725-AD

Product Details

This WFCO Power Center with Auto-Detect – 25 Amps DC • WF-8725-AD features industry-leading Auto-Detect technology that revolutionizes battery charging in RVs. The patent-pending microprocessor-driven system can intelligently identify lithium-ion and lead-acid battery chemistries, automatically adjusting the charging profile for optimal battery maintenance. Say goodbye to manual adjustments as this advanced technology ensures accurate and safe charging, preventing issues like over and under-charging. The multi-stage charging and current monitoring capabilities for both lead-acid and lithium profiles work to extend the lifespan of your batteries, providing peace of mind and reliability on the road.

– Three Stage Battery Charging Results In Longer Battery Life And Is Totally Automatic
– Designed To Comply With FCC Class B, Ensuring No Interference With Other Signals
– Cooling Fan Operates When Necessary for Quiet Operation
– Features Built-In AC and DC Distribution for Convenience
– Converts: 105-130 Volt AC To 13.2-14.4 Volt DC
– Peak Output Power: 430 Watts
– Ampere Rating: 25 Amps
– Length: 3-3/4 Inch
– Width: 11-7/8 Inch
– Height: 7-5/16 Inch
– With Short Circuit Protection
– With Reverse Battery Protection
– With Thermal Protection
– With Built-In Charger
– Limited 2 Year Warranty

The WFCO Power Center with Auto-Detect – 25 Amps DC • WF-8725-AD not only provides optimal battery care but also offers design flexibility with three AC circuits, a 30-amp main circuit, and four DC circuits, making it suitable for use in various RV sizes. The inclusion of pigtails for each DC circuit facilitates quick and easy installation. Additionally, insulated connectors and pre-set torque settings ensure a secure and efficient connection process. Get ready to experience efficient, intelligent, and reliable power management for your RV adventures with this cutting-edge WFCO Power Center.


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