WFCO Deck Mount Converter Charger with Auto-Detect – 35 AMP • WF-9835-AD-CB

Product Details

This WFCO Deck Mount Converter Charger with Auto-Detect – 35 AMP • WF-9835-AD-CB features cutting-edge Auto-Detect technology that can intelligently identify lithium-ion and lead-acid battery chemistries, adjusting the charging profile accordingly without the need for manual intervention. With multi-stage charging and current monitoring tailored for both battery types, this converter charger ensures optimal battery life and minimizes the risks of over and under-charging. The unit is designed with an automatic three-stage converter for lead-acid batteries, providing comprehensive charging while extending battery lifespan. For lithium-ion batteries, a multi-stage process maintains safe operating voltage, balances the lithium cells, and efficiently recharges the battery.

– Auto-Detect Intelligent Battery Detection
– Selects Correct Charging Profile for Lead-Acid & Lithium-Ion Batteries
– Color: Gray
– Case Material: Metal
– Power Input: 600W
– Input Voltage: 105 VAC – 130VAC / 60 Hz
– Output Current (LA/LI): 35A / 32.5A
– Converter Type (LA/LI): 3 Stage Converter Charger / 2 Stage Converter Charger
– Voltage Output (LA/LI): 13.2 – 14.4 VDC / 13.6 – 14.6 VDC
– Normal Mode: 13.6 VDC
– Trickle Charge Mode (LA Only): 13.2 VDC
– Bulk Charge Mode (LA/LI): 14.4 VDC / 14.6 VDC
– Outer Dimensions: 4-5/8”W x 4”H x 7-1/2”D
– Weight: 4 lbs.
– Certifications: UL and cUL listed and FCC Class B Compliant
– Safety Features/Protections: Over Current, Over Temperature, Over Voltage, Reverse Polarity
– Specifications are Subject to Change Without Notice or Obligation
– 2 Year Limited Warranty

This versatile unit can be installed vertically, horizontally, or upside down for flexible setup options and features a cooling fan that operates only when necessary for quiet operation. With fully insulated DC connections and an open-top design for easy installation, the WFCO Deck Mount Converter Charger with Auto-Detect is engineered for convenience, efficiency, and reliability.


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