WFCO Converter Replacement Kit – 55 Amp, 105-130 VAC, 950W • WF-8955-AD-REP

Product Details

The WF-8955-AD-REP Converter Replacement Kit boasts an industry-first Auto-Detect technology that sets it apart from the competition. This cutting-edge feature is powered by a microprocessor that intelligently identifies lithium-ion and lead-acid battery chemistries, automatically adapting the charging profile to suit the specific battery type. This kit emphasizes convenience and efficiency, allowing for simple upgrades to existing power centers.

– Quiet operation
– Filtered power
– Overload protection
– Short circuit protection
– FCC Class B Approval
– Converts: 105-130 Volt AC To 13.2-14.4 Volt DC
– Peak Output Power: 950 Watt
– Ampere Rating: 55 Amp
– Length: 7-7/8 Inch
– Width: 13-1/4 Inch
– Height: 5-1/4 Inch
– With Short Circuit: Yes
– With Reverse Battery Protection: Yes
– With Thermal Protection: Yes
– With Built-In Charger: Yes
– 2 Year Limited Warranty

Upgrade your power center with the WF-8955-AD-REP Converter Replacement Kit and experience the seamless integration of cutting-edge technology and reliable performance.


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