WFCO AC Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 1000 Watt • WF-5110RS

Product Details

– **Inverts**: 12 Volt DC To 120 Volt AC
– **Continuous Output Power (W)**: 1000 Watt
– **Efficiency**: 86%
– **Length (IN)**: 1-3/4 Inch
– **Width (IN)**: 11-1/8 Inch
– **Height (IN)**: 4 Inch
– **Remote On/Off Capable**: Yes
– **With USB Port**: No
– **With Volt/Watt Meter**: No
– **With Short Circuit**: Yes
– **With Reverse Battery Protection**: Yes
– **With Thermal Protection**: Yes
– **With Battery Cables**: No
– **With Built-In Charger**: No
– **With Fuse**: Yes

This WFCO AC Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 1000 Watt (WF-5110RS) is a reliable and efficient solution for converting 12V DC to 120V AC power. With a continuous output power of 1000 watts and an efficiency of 86%, this inverter provides stable and clean power for your devices. The compact design, measuring 1-3/4” in length, 11-1/8” in width, and 4” in height, makes it easy to install in various setups.

Equipped with remote on/off capability and essential protection features such as short-circuit and reverse battery protection, this inverter offers peace of mind during operation. The integrated cooling fan ensures optimal performance by adjusting its speed based on the load. Additionally, the unit features an automatic transfer switch, pure sine wave output, and advanced filtering for sensitive electronics.

Whether you need to power electronics, appliances, or other devices on the go or in your home, this WFCO inverter is a versatile and dependable choice. With its practical features and safeguards, it provides efficient and safe power conversion for your needs.


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