WFCO 8900 Series Power Center Converter, 65 Amp • WF-8965-AD

Product Details

The WFCO 8900 Series Power Center Converter, 65 Amp • WF-8965-AD is a reliable and advanced RV power center converter that offers exceptional features for efficient operation of electronics and appliances in your recreational vehicle. With a clean and constant 13.6 VDC nominal output, this model ensures a stable power supply to meet your electrical needs. The automatic three-stage charging feature helps extend the life of your battery by providing different output voltage modes, including a 13.2 VDC range “float” mode, 13.6 VDC range “absorption” mode, and a 14.4 VDC range “bulk” charge mode.

In addition to its excellent performance, the WFCO 8900 Series maintains a quiet operation with a cooling fan that runs only when necessary, ensuring peace and comfort in your RV. The innovative front-cooled fan installation does not require additional space and enhances the overall efficiency of the power center. This model is equipped with electronic current limiting, which automatically shuts down power during overload or short-circuit conditions to protect both the power center and your electrical system.

Compliance with FCC Class B standards ensures that this power center converter does not cause interference with televisions, radios, or other signals, providing a seamless user experience. The unit offers AC and DC distribution with several innovative features, including a 30 Amp main AC circuit breaker and up to five branch circuits. Furthermore, it includes eleven-branch DC circuits with LED lights for each circuit to easily identify open circuits. The front cover window allows for quick visual checks of the fuse LED lights for convenience.

– Converts: 105-130 Volt AC To 13.2-14.4 Volt DC
– Continuous Output Power: 880 Watt
– Peak Output Power: 1110 Watt
– Ampere Rating: 65 Amp
– Efficiency: 80 Percent
– Length: 8-1/2 Inches
– Width: 14-1/4 Inches
– Height: 11-3/4 Inches
– With Short Circuit Protection: Yes
– With Reverse Battery Protection: Yes
– With Thermal Protection: Yes
– With Built-In Charger: Yes
– Warranty: Limited 2 Years


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