Warn Wireless HUB Receiver for Truck and Jeep Winches • 103945

Product Details

The Warn Wireless HUB Receiver for Truck and Jeep Winches • 103945 from Warn Industries is an innovative technology designed to enhance the control and monitoring capabilities of your winch. With the all-new HUB Receiver and App, you can conveniently control your winch wirelessly using your smartphone or any other smart device.

– Compatible with any contactor controlled WARN truck winch, including ZEON, VR, VR EVO, and newer M and XP series winch models
– Built-in D-plug connects to winch just like any wired remote
– 6′ (1.8m) long wiring harness allows the receiver to be mounted up remotely for security
– When paired with the app, this receiver allows the user to control the winch while providing battery voltage feedback
– 100’+ wireless range
– Rugged construction with fully molded housing offering IP68 waterproof sealing
– Quick to install receiver mounts to any tube or flat surface
– Wiring takes less than 5 minutes on most models
– Easy to connect
– iOS and Android compatible and connects via Bluetooth
– 1-year limited warranty
– Download for free from Google Play and Apple App stores
– Designed to work offline and without service
– Layout optimized for one-handed winch control
– Real-time winch feedback displayed on screen
– Built-in help and tutorial allows any user to easily connect their phone to their HUB Receiver
– Users can easily pair and switch between multiple HUB Receivers

Upgrade your winch control experience with the Warn Wireless HUB Receiver for Truck and Jeep Winches • 103945, offering advanced convenience and versatility for your off-road adventures.


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