Warn Heavy Duty Winch Accessory Kit • 29460

Product Details

The Warn Heavy Duty Winch Accessory Kit 29460 is a comprehensive set that equips you with essential tools for winching operations. This kit includes a snatch block, chocker chain, shackle, winching gloves, tree trunk protector, and recovery strap, all conveniently stored in a Cordura nylon camouflaged soft case.

– For use with winches up to 12,000 lb rated capacity
– Heavy-duty snatch block with a 24,000 lbs maximum capacity
– 4 x 8 inch tree trunk protector for safe and efficient winching around trees
– 10 feet of 5/16 inch grade 70 choker chain with hooks for secure attachment
– 3/4 inch Clevis/D-shackle for versatile connection points
– 3 inch x 30 feet Standard recovery strap for reliable pulling and towing
– Camouflage nylon soft case for convenient storage and portability
– WARN gloves included for added safety and protection during winching tasks

This accessory kit provides everything you need to enhance the performance and safety of your winching operations, making it an essential companion for off-road adventures and recovery missions.


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