Thetford Bumper Hose Adapter 3″Bayonet x 3″Clamp On • White • 02593

Product Details

This Thetford Bumper Hose Adapter is a versatile solution for connecting your sewer hose to the termination valve of your RV or camper. Made with high-quality materials, this adapter is designed for durability and ease of use. The white finish gives it a clean and sleek look that blends well with your RV’s exterior.

– Sewer hose adapter for easy connection
– Specifically designed to connect sewer hose to termination valve
– White color for a clean and modern appearance
– Fits into the standard 4” bumper on your RV or camper
– Securely clamps on for a tight and leak-proof connection
– Model Number: 02593
– Dimensions: 3” Bayonet x 3” Clamp
– Color: White

Upgrade your RV’s sewer hose setup with the Thetford Bumper Hose Adapter. This adapter ensures a secure and reliable connection between your sewer hose and termination valve, making your RV camping experience more convenient and hassle-free.


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