Stromberg Carlson RV Exterior Ladder w/ Hinges – Aluminum – 99-1/2″ Tall x 12″ Wide • LA-401

Product Details

Stromberg Carlson’s universal RV ladder can be attached to an RV with either a contoured or straight rear wall. The rustproof aluminum ladder fixes securely to the RV for a safe, strong hold when you’re climbing up and down it.

  • Exterior RV ladder has 7 steps for easy and quick access to the top of your motor home
  • Pivoting mounting brackets at top of ladder ensure a secure fit on the RV roof
    • Allow ladder to pivot so that it can fit different RV roof contours
  • Optional hinges are included so you can use ladder with RVs that have angled, flat, or sloping rear walls
    • If using hinges on a flat wall, place the lower stand-off close to the hinge to prevent flexing
  • Ladder support pegs (or stand-offs) are positioned along ladder for additional strength
  • Sturdy, anodized aluminum construction is durable and rustproof
    • Made for stability and safety
  • Customizable length – cut bottom of ladder legs to adjust length for a perfect fit
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs
  • Dimensions: 99-1/2″ tall (customizable) x 12″ wide
  • 4 Ladder supports (or stand-offs) included
  • Rung spacing: 12″
  • 1-Year warranty

Note: The legs of the ladder can be trimmed for length with a hacksaw or tube cutter. When you are installing mounting brackets and support pegs, make certain that all screws are fastened to the RV’s blocking or subframe on roof. If you are uncertain if your RV has backing installed, you should contact your RV manufacture to confirm. It is unsafe to use a ladder that is not connected to the RVs backing or sub frame


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