Southwire Entry Level 50A Surge Guard Reverse Polarity Transfer Switch • 41261-011

Product Details

This is a permanent switch that connects to your power box that changes the power load between two sources.

  • Generator dominant Automatic Transfer Switch transfers power to generator after 30 second delay when both shore and generator power are available
  • UL-listed while capable of up to 50A
  • Featured with LED indicator for reverse polarity and open ground protection
  • Protects against mis-wired pedestal, power surge and voltage anomalies
  • Amps 50A
  • Frequency 60 Hz
  • Generator Dominant Yes
  • Reverse Polarity Yes
  • Surge Protection Yes
  • Time Delay At Power Up (Shore 3-4 Sec, Gen 30 Sec.) – Yes
  • Voltage 120V/240V


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