RV Designer Motorhome Entrance Door Lock, Black, with Deadbolt (Trimark 060-1650) • T507

Product Details

Designed for RV motor home and fifth wheel trailer entrance doors and is a redesign of our 060-0650. Motor Home Entrance Door Hardware. It features easy installation with through sandwich mounting, a low profile plunger style latch which is compliant to FMVSS 206, a built-in dead bolt for additional security and is power lockable.

  • Inside release is low profile (.094”) to allow for close fitting screen doors
  • Paddle can be locked before door is shut
  • Paddle is rigid when locked
  • Automotive styling
  • Comfortable finger access
  • Inside assist with open bail for easy closing
  • Can be keyed to match other TriMark door products with KeyOneâ„¢ Plus for a single-key system, keyed alike or provided non-locking
  • Built-in deadbolt eliminates the need for add-on residential type deadbolt
  • Deadbolt locks into the fully extended position for true deadbolt functioning
  • Ability to be used with power actuation for locking
  • Deadbolt cylinder non-removable when locked for added security
  • Compatibility: Door 1.39 Inch To 1.78 Inch Thick
  • Type: Dead Bolt
  • Lockable: Yes
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Steel


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