Roadmaster Combo Kit for BlackHawk 2 All-Terrain Tow Bars • 9243-3

Product Details

    • Roadmaster Combo Kit
    • For Roadmaster BlackHawk 2 All-Terrain Tow Bars
    • Wiring Kit with Four Hy-Power Diodes & Bulbs & Sockets
    • Straight Power Cord with 7-Wire Plug for Motorhome (Attached) & Plug/Socket for Towed Vehicle
    • Bracket to Mount the Power Cord Socket
    • Two Straight Safety Cables Rated at 10,000 lb. Capacity
    • Three Case-Hardened Steel Padlocks (Keyed Alike)
    • Marine-Grade Vinyl Cover to Protect Your Tow Bar
    • Marine-Grade Vinyl Storage Bag for Your Towing Accessories


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