Redarc BCDC 50A Rear Install Wiring Kit • BCDCWK-006

Product Details

Suitable for BCDC1240D and BCDC1250D, the BCDCWK-006 BCDC Wiring Kit has been designed to facilitate easy installation of a REDARC BCDC DC to DC Battery charger when the start battery and auxiliary battery are at the rear of the vehicle where the auxiliary battery is up to 8.5 m (28′) away from the start battery. Typically, located at the opposite end of the vehicle from the engine bay, in the tray of the ute/pickup truck or at the rear of a wagon. This kit contains all the cables, fuses, fuse holders and connectors required to install the BCDC between the batteries. The cables are even pre-crimped on one end, and through use of the supplied terminal block, the other end of the cables can be trimmed to length to suit the specific installation. The Auxiliary Battery ground cable and solar to Anderson cable are sold separately.

  • Suits engine bay installations
  • Perfect for batteries at the rear of the vehicle
  • Complete wiring solution
  • Cables supplied pre-crimped at one end
  • All required cables, fuses, fuse holders and connectors included


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