Progressive Dynamics 9100 Converter/Charger, 45 Amp • PD9145AV

Product Details

The Progressive Dynamics 9100 Converter/Charger, 45 Amp • PD9145AV is a reliable power solution designed to meet your electrical needs while camping, traveling, or boondocking. With its robust features and advanced technology, this converter/charger ensures a steady and safe power supply to all your essential devices and appliances.

– Input: 105-130 VAC, 725 Watts
– Output: 13.6 VDC, 45 Amps
– Dimensions: 4.5” x 8.25” x 7.25”
– Reverse Battery Protection
– Deliver filtered DC power to all 12 Volt lighting and appliance circuits, providing safe and reliable service
– Electronic Current Limiting
– Low line Voltage Protection
– Variable speed intelligent Cooling Fan
– High Voltage Protection
– Automatic thermal shutdown
– Built-in Total Charge Management System (TCMS) connector
– 2 year limited warranty

Experience peace of mind with the built-in reverse battery protection, ensuring that your power system remains safe and secure. The electronic current limiting feature safeguards your devices from potential electrical hazards, while the low line voltage protection prevents damage during power fluctuations.

Notably, the Progressive Dynamics 9100 Converter/Charger features a variable speed intelligent cooling fan that adapts to the system’s needs, providing efficient cooling and prolonging the lifespan of the unit. The high voltage protection adds an additional layer of safety, ensuring that your devices are shielded from voltage spikes or surges.

Thanks to the automatic thermal shutdown mechanism, you can trust that the converter/charger will automatically power down in case of overheating, protecting both your equipment and the unit itself. Moreover, the inclusion of a Total Charge Management System (TCMS) connector simplifies the integration of external charging solutions, enhancing the versatility of the unit.

For added convenience and peace of mind, the Progressive Dynamics 9100 Converter/Charger, 45 Amp • PD9145AV comes with a 2-year limited warranty, ensuring quality and reliability for your power needs.


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