PowerMax Converters Converter Charger 60 AMP • PM3-60LK

Product Details

Upgrade your power management system with the PowerMax Converters Converter Charger 60 AMP PM3-60LK. This versatile converter charger offers advanced features and reliable performance to meet your power needs.

– 3-stage smart charging
– Fixed power supply mode
– Adjustable fixed voltage (13VDC – 16.5VDC)
– Switch mode technology
– Quiet, variable speed internal cooling fan
– Parallel and series stackable
– LED status indicator
– UL and CuL approved
– FCC Class B compliant
– Two-year warranty
– Reverse battery polarity (external fuse)
– Short circuit protection
– Overcurrent protection
– Over-temperature protection
– Overload protection

With 3-stage smart charging and a fixed power supply mode, this converter charger ensures efficient and safe charging for your batteries. The adjustable fixed voltage range of 13VDC to 16.5VDC allows for flexibility in power output. Utilizing switch mode technology, this charger operates efficiently while maintaining a quiet operation with its variable speed internal cooling fan.

Designed for convenience, the PM3-60LK is parallel and series stackable, making it easy to expand your power system when needed. The LED status indicator provides real-time feedback on the charging process. Additionally, this converter charger is UL and CuL approved and FCC Class B compliant, ensuring high safety and quality standards.

Backed by a two-year warranty, you can trust the PowerMax Converters Converter Charger 60 AMP PM3-60LK for long-lasting performance. With built-in protection features such as reverse battery polarity, short circuit, overcurrent, over temperature, and overload protection, you can rely on this converter charger to safeguard your power system.

Enhance your power management capabilities with the PowerMax Converters Converter Charger 60 AMP PM3-60LK, the ideal solution for reliable power conversion and charging.


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