Norcold Thermostat Control Assembly Kit • 635832

Product Details

This Norcold Thermostat Control Assembly Kit (Part No. 635832) is a crucial component for maintaining the optimal temperature settings in your refrigerator. Designed specifically for use with Norcold refrigerators in the NR740 and NR751 series, this thermostat control assembly ensures that your fridge operates efficiently to keep your food and beverages fresh.

– Compatible with Norcold NR740 and NR751 series refrigerators
– Helps regulate and maintain the desired temperature inside the fridge
– Essential for ensuring food safety and freshness
– Easy to install and replace with its user-friendly design
– Durable construction for long-lasting performance
– Genuine Norcold OEM part for reliability and quality assurance

Upgrade your Norcold refrigerator with this Thermostat Control Assembly Kit to enjoy consistent cooling performance and peace of mind knowing that your perishables are stored at the right temperature.


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