Norcold Thermocouple Probe Sensor • 619154

Product Details

The Norcold Thermocouple Probe Sensor • 619154 is a critical component designed for use with Norcold N300 series refrigerators. This thermocouple probe sensor ensures the accurate monitoring and control of temperature within the refrigerator, contributing to optimal performance and efficiency.

– Thermocouple type
– Probe sensor for precise temperature readings
– Compatible with Norcold N300 series refrigerators
– Ensures accurate temperature control
– Efficiently monitors temperature changes within the refrigerator
– Essential for maintaining food freshness and safety
– Reliable and durable construction for long-lasting use

Upgrade your Norcold N300 series refrigerator with the Norcold Thermocouple Probe Sensor • 619154 to ensure consistent temperature regulation and peace of mind in preserving your food items.


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