Norcold Standoff Bracket • 636873

Product Details

The Norcold Standoff Bracket 636873 is a refrigerator gas valve designed as a replacement part for Norcold N3104 and N3150 model refrigerators. This high-quality bracket is specifically crafted to ensure efficient gas flow and proper functioning within your refrigerator system.

– Model: Norcold Standoff Bracket 636873
– Function: Refrigerator Gas Valve
– Compatibility: Replacement For Norcold N3104/ N3150 Model Refrigerator
– Quality: Durable construction for long-lasting performance
– Precision: Ensures proper gas flow within the refrigerator system
– Installation: Easy to install and securely fits into place
– Reliable: Manufactured to meet Norcold’s quality standards
– Essential: Plays a crucial role in maintaining the functionality of your refrigerator

Upgrade your Norcold refrigerator with the Norcold Standoff Bracket 636873 to ensure optimum gas flow and reliable performance, keeping your fridge running smoothly.


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