Noco 8D Commercial Grade Battery Box • HM484

Product Details

The Noco 8D Commercial Grade Battery Box • HM484 is a robust battery storage solution tailored for group 8D batteries commonly utilized in Marine, RV, and Commercial applications. Its innovative design boasts a four-corner fastening system and a secure, captive lid, ensuring effortless installations. The large cable entry holes accommodate heavy gauge wires of up to 4/0 AWG with ease. Equipped with a capacious internal reservoir for battery acid collection and full flow ventilation for gas release, this box guarantees the utmost safety and performance.

– Designed for group 8D batteries
– Four-corner fastening system for easy installation
– Large cable entry holes for heavy gauge wires
– Large internal reservoir to collect battery acid
– Rugged, rotationally molded design for extreme conditions
– Meets Coast Guard (USCG) Code of Federal Regulations 183.420
– Meets American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) E-10.7
– What’s Included: Group 8D Battery Box and Fastening Knobs
– Battery Size: Group 8D
– Internal Dimensions: 21.0″ L x 11.8″ W x 10.3″ H
– External Dimensions: 24.4″ L x 15.4″ W x 12.3″ H
– Product Weight: 9.20 lbs

This battery box is the ideal solution for those seeking reliable and durable storage for their group 8D batteries in demanding environments.


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