Lippert Solera Super Shade Front Panel Awning 8′ x 19′ • 3797820819

Product Details

The Lippert Solera Super Shade Front Panel Awning is a versatile and practical addition to your RV patio space. With a drop of 8 feet and a length of 19 feet, this awning provides extra sun protection and privacy for your outdoor living area. The awning comes in a classic black color, adding a sleek and stylish touch to your RV setup.

– Drop: 8 Feet
– Length: 19 Feet
– Color: Black
– The shorter piece easily slides into your awning roller tube and can stay there throughout the camping season, rolling up with the awning for convenient use.
– The length of the shorter top portion varies based on the drop measurement from the roller tube to the ground, ensuring that the shorter portion always hangs within reach.
– The longer piece always measures tall so you can easily reach to zip it into the shorter portion, creating a seamless and secure connection.
– This front panel awning is designed to enhance your outdoor experience by providing additional shade, privacy, and comfort for your RV patio space.
– The Lippert Solera Super Shade Front Panel Awning comes with a limited 1-year warranty, ensuring quality and peace of mind for your outdoor adventures.


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