Lippert Single Flex Guard Kit • 1346271

Product Details

Lippert Components 1346271 Patented Single Flex Guard Kit utilizes a heavy duty flexible rail,that offers support and protection to vital slide out plumbing, wiring and hoses under the slide room floor. The Flex Guard smoothly straightens during extension, and safely bends in an arc as it contracts. This unique design prevents sagging during slide out operation as well as the unnatural bends and stresses that can lead to breakage. These kits are an upgrade on any unit that uses a 1/4″ steel rod or swing arm for the same application.

  • Protects slide-out plumbing, wiring and hoses during extension and retraction of slide room
  • Can be installed on any slide-out system that uses a 1/4-inch steel rod or swing arm for the same application
  • Single, double and triple applications
  • Length: 50 1/2″.
  • All kits come with 8″ mounting post with washer and five Flex Guard clips


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