Lippert Screen Filter with Connectors for Flow Max 12V Water Pump • 689059

Product Details

This Lippert Screen Filter with Connectors is specifically designed to enhance the functionality of your Lippert FlowMax 12V Water Pump. Keep your water system running smoothly and efficiently with this strainer that includes a screen filter and connectors.

– Strainer for use with Lippert FlowMax 12V Pump
– Ensures water flows cleanly and free from debris
– Includes a screen filter for maximum filtration
– Comes with connectors for easy installation and setup
– Compatible with Lippert FlowMax 12V Water Pump models
– Ideal for maintaining the performance of your water pump
– Enhances the longevity and efficiency of your water system
– Easy to install and use for hassle-free maintenance
– Keep your water flowing smoothly with this screen filter and connectors


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