Lippert Flex Air 5th Wheel Pinbox with Long Jaw, 21K • 369535

Product Details

The Flex Air® Pin Box unifies time-tested Trailair® Air Ride technology with the Rota-Flex® pivoting head to reduce chucking and vertical tug-of-war between a fifth-wheel RV and tow vehicle, providing a more comfortable ride. Flex Air® utilizes an air bag and rubberized compound to absorb road shock and vibrations, an integrated oil shock absorber to dampen kickback, and a pivoting head to control chucking.


  • Our Integrated Air Bag Acts As A Buffer Between The Tow Vehicle And Coach To Absorb Road Shock And Vibrations That Can Damage An RV
  • As The Air Bag Absorbs Road Shock And Vibration, The Oil Shock Absorber Handles Rebound Action, Dampening Kickback And Controlling Chucking
  • Heavy-Duty Pivoting Head In Its Lower Jaw Controls The Vertical Tug-Of-War Between The Tow Vehicle And RV
  • Durable Rubberized Compound Provides An Additional Buffer To Help Protect The RV From Jarring Motion
  • Gross Weight Capacity: 21000 Pound
  • Limited 1 Year Warranty


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