Lippert Electric Entry Step Motor With Wiring Harness • 301695

Product Details

The Lippert 301695 is a robust 12-volt step motor created to seamlessly coordinate with various Lippert electric entry steps, including single, double, or triple step configurations, as well as compatible with Stromberg Carlson sliding steps. This efficient motor offers a convenient automation feature, effortlessly extending and retracting your steps in synchronization with the opening and closing of your RV door. Moreover, with a simple switch function, you can easily disable the automatic operation to maintain your steps in the extended position, providing a customizable user experience.

– Suitable for Lippert electric entry steps and Stromberg Carlson sliding steps
– 12-volt step motor for smooth operation
– Allows automation for extending and retracting RV steps
– Manual switch function to disable automatic operation
– Directly operates off RV battery, no additional power sources required
– Easy installation with 3-bolt setup (bolts not included)
– Designed for 12V voltage requirements
– Weighs 20 lbs for durability and longevity
– Limited 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty for peace of mind

Upgrade your RV’s entry step system with the reliable and efficient Lippert 301695 electric entry step motor and take your outdoor adventures to the next level.


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