Lippert Clutchless, Current Sensing (CCS) Motor Drive Assembly with Wireless Remote • 733960

Product Details

– Wireless remote kit designed for electric camper jacks
– Includes handheld remote and logic board
– Specifically designed to replace damaged logic boards and wireless remote controls for HappiJac truck camper jack systems
– Compatible with HappiJac 4220 and 4820 motorized camper jacks
– Logic board and remote enable easy extension and retraction of camper jacks
– Simplify operation of your HappiJac camper jack system with the convenient push-button control of the logic board and wireless remote kit from Lippert
– HappiJac camper jacks are constructed with attractive 2-inch square tubing, offering superior strength compared to round tubing design
– Lift capacities: HappiJac acme screw Jack – 1,500 lbs, HappiJac ball screw jack – 1,900 lbs, heavy-duty acme screw jack – 2,800 lbs
– Durable zinc and powder-coat finish for enhanced rust resistance and improved aesthetics.


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