Lippert 4″ Standard Crank Handle • 182436

Product Details

The Lippert 4″ Standard Crank Handle • 182436 is a durable and reliable accessory designed for use with Happijac Camper Jacks. This 4″ crank handle is specially crafted to provide smooth and efficient operation when raising or lowering your camper jack system. Its sturdy construction ensures longevity and performance, making it an essential tool for hassle-free setup and stability during your outdoor adventures.

– 4″ Standard Crank Handle
– Compatible with Happijac Camper Jacks
– Ensures smooth operation
– Durable construction for long-lasting use
– Facilitates easy raising and lowering of camper jacks
– Dimensions: 4″ length

Upgrade your camping experience with the Lippert 4″ Standard Crank Handle • 182436, a practical and essential tool for your camper jack system.


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