Lasalle Bristol XTRM PLY PVC Roofing 9’6″ x 35′ Roll • 1700534142711435

Product Details

Upgrade your RV roof with the Lasalle Bristol XTRM PLY PVC Roofing Roll. Measuring 9’6” in width and spanning 35 feet in length, this roofing roll is crafted from durable polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in a pristine white color. Enjoy the benefits of a maintenance-free, energy-efficient, and robust roofing membrane designed specifically for the challenges of RV roofs. With no need for reconditioning, treatments, or special cleaners, this premium product ensures a hassle-free experience. Rest assured that it won’t cause streaks on the side of your RV or develop unsightly black spots. Plus, you’ll have peace of mind with a limited 12-year warranty. Upgrade to the Lasalle Bristol XTRM PLY PVC Roofing Roll for superior protection and longevity for your RV.

– Length: 35 Feet
– Width: 9.5 Feet
– Color: White
– Material: Plastic (Polyvinyl Chloride PVC)
– Maintenance Free
– Most Energy Efficient
– Strongest RV Membrane
– Designed To Meet The Unique Challenges Of An RV Roof
– Requires No Reconditioning, No Treatments And No Special Cleaners
– Will Not Cause Streaks On The Side Of Your RV Or Develop Black Spots
– Limited 12 Year Warranty


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