King Directional Over-the-Air Antenna with Mount & Built-in Signal Meter • OA8500

Product Details

Upgrade your RV entertainment experience with the KING Directional Over-the-Air Antenna OA8500. This cutting-edge antenna is designed to bring you crystal-clear HDTV channels no matter where your adventures take you. Say goodbye to manual antenna adjustments and enjoy seamless signal acquisition with the built-in KING SureLock™ signal finder. The amplified, ultra-high gain antenna ensures long-range signal acquisition, allowing you to access more channels than ever before. With upgraded technology that enhances UHF signal reception while still receiving VHF broadcast channels, you can enjoy a wider range of programming options. The KING Directional Antenna features a compact, aerodynamic design that minimizes wind resistance, making it up to 70 percent smaller than traditional RV antennas. Its 360-degree rotation capability enables quick and easy antenna pointing, while the broader reception coverage maximizes signal strength for optimal viewing.

  • Long-range signal acquisition for access to more channels
  • Built-in KING SureLock™ signal finder for simple signal acquisition
  • Amplified, ultra-high gain antenna
  • Upgraded technology enhances UHF signal reception
  • Receives VHF broadcast channels
  • Broader reception coverage for maximizing signal strength
  • 360-degree rotation for easy antenna pointing
  • Easy installation for replacing old antennas
  • Compatible with various roof thicknesses
  • Compact and aerodynamic design
  • Up to 70% smaller than traditional RV antennas
  • Always ready for travel with no need to crank up or down


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