iBeam Rear 2-way Blind Spot Detection Kit • TE-BSM2

Product Details

The TE-BSM2 is mounted entirely inside the vehicle with one sensor mounted on the rear windshield, providing a clean and easy installation that eliminates the need for bumper removal.Unlike other systems, everything is built into a single sensor for an easyDIYinstallation, with no additional control modules or parts needed. This system provides both audible and visual alerts for rear blind spot detection within a 65.5 foot field. AnLEDvisual-only alert is shown if there is a vehicle in the blind spot and then the visual and audible alert is triggered if the blinker is on, and a vehicle is in the blind spot, alerting the driver immediately.

  • Easy to install
  • No bumper removal
  • In vehicle installation (rear glass location)
  • Detects approaching and overtaking vehicles
  • Single sensor system
  • VisualLEDand audible alerts
  • Car andSUVapplications
  • Blind spot and cross-path detection
  • Universal


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