Heng’s Elastomeric White Roof Coating – 1 Gallon • 47128-4

Product Details

The Heng’s 47128-4 Elastomeric White Roof Coating is a reflective and protective coating designed for rubber roofing, asphalt roof shingles, galvanized steel, concrete, wood, polyurethane foam, and bituminous built-up roofs.

  • Covers approx 200-300 square ft per gallon.
  • Expands and contracts with your roof.
  • Outstanding exterior durability and is UV resistant.
  • EPDM safe.
  • Non-polluting and non-toxic.
  • Ideal for rubber roofing currently being used in RV and commercial industries.
  • Do not apply in temperatures below 50-degrees Fahrenheit, in high humidity, or potential heavy dew conditions.
  • Ensure there is no dirt, grease, oil, or anything on the surface to which you are applying.
  • Apply with a brush or roller.
  • Sold as a 1 gallon can.
  • Weight: 12 lbs.


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