Go Power Sun Cycle Lithium RV Battery – LiFePo4 – Bluetooth – Group 24 – 12V – 100 Amp Hour • 83156

Product Details

Lithium battery provides your RV or camper with DC power. Battery lasts longer and charges faster than lead acid options. Bluetooth connectivity to the Go Power app allows you to monitor the battery’s status on your smart device.

  • Lithium-iron battery provides DC power to your RV or camper
    • Also great for powering solar panel generators, golf carts, mobility wheelchairs, and sump pumps
  • Battery Management System optimizes safety and performance
    • Protects against over voltage, under voltage, over temperature, under temperature, short circuit, and charge and discharge over current
  • Bluetooth connectivity allows you to monitor the battery with the Go Power Connect app
    • Check the state of battery voltage, current, charging status, remaining charge, and battery temperature
  • RV-C compatibility allows you to monitor your battery with your RV’s control panel
  • Built-in smart DC heater prevents freezing temps from shortening battery life
  • Charging rate is significantly faster than comparable lead acid batteries
    • Self-discharge rate is lower than lead acid batteries
  • Battery banks can be wired in parallel or in series
    • Parallel: Up to 8 batteries
    • Series: Up to 4 batteries
  • ABS plastic case is flame retardant and impact-resistant
  • Lightweight battery is easier to handle and won’t add significant weight to your RV


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