Go Power! GP-FLEX-220 Flexible Solar Kit, 220 Watt • 83111

Product Details

The Go Power! 220-watt solar flex kit offers a versatile and efficient solution for RVs and boats, featuring a flexible design that conforms to almost any surface with ease. This slim kit, measuring less than 1/8” thick, ensures a sleek and aerodynamic appearance. With an 82% lighter construction compared to traditional rigid solar modules, this kit is ideal for lightweight RVs. The durable panels can bend up to 30° without compromising long-term performance, eliminating the need for custom mounts. The impermeable lamination coating on the Solar Flex™ module allows it to flex and contour effortlessly against curved surfaces.

Installation is hassle-free, with options for adhesive or screw attachment, complemented by grommets for added convenience. The kit includes 220 watts / 12.62 amps solar charging kit, a 30-amp dual-bank, Bluetooth® PWM Solar Controller, and 25 feet of solar output cables in both red and black.

– Avoids custom mounts
– Can be installed on a curve up to 30 degrees
– Durable surface
– Measures less than 1/8” (3 mm) thick
– Ideal for lightweight RVs (modules are 82% lighter)
– 5-year solar module power output warranty

– Cell Type: Monocrystalline
– Rated Power (Pm): 220 W
– Maximum Power (Vmp): 17.5V
– Maximum Power Current (Imp): 12.62A
– Open Circuit Voltage (Voc): 21.0V
– Short Circuit Current (Isc): 12.56A
– Maximum System Voltage: 600VDC
– Weight: 5.82 lbs (1.7 kg)
– Dimensions: 44.6 x 21.4 x 0.1 in (1134 x 544 x 3 mm) x 2
– Warranty: 5-year power output


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