Go Power! 200 Watt Flexible Solar Kit With 30 Amp Pwm Controller • 82850

Product Details

This Go Power! 200 Watt Flexible Solar Kit delivers efficient and reliable power generation for your off-grid adventures or backup power needs. The kit includes a 200 Watt flexible solar panel with high-efficiency back-contact solar cells, ensuring optimal energy conversion in various lighting conditions. Paired with a 30 Amp Digital Solar Controller, this solar kit offers advanced monitoring and protection for your battery system.

– Type: Flexible Solar Kit
– Power Rating: 200 Watt
– Panel Type: Flexible Solar Panel
– Controller Type: 30 Amp Digital Solar Controller
– Panel Mount Type: Adhesive Mount
– Durable surface is less than 3 millimeters thick
– Marine grade material ensures durability in harsh conditions
– Penetrating or adhesive mounting options provide flexibility in installation
– Curves up to 30 degrees, allowing for versatile installation options
– Limited 5-year solar panel output power warranty offers peace of mind for long-term use

Enhance your energy independence with the Go Power! 200 Watt Flexible Solar Kit that combines durability, efficiency, and flexibility to meet your power needs wherever you go.


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