Go Power! 100 Watt Solar Kit With 30 Amp Pwm Solar Controller • 82844

Product Details

– Type: Solar Charging Kit
– Power Rating: 95 Watt
– Panel Type: Rigid Solar Panel
– Controller Type: 30 Amp Controller
– Panel Mount Type: Screw Mount
– With Mounting Hardware: Yes
– Compact And Rugged Design
– Lightweight Anodized Aluminum Frame
– High Transmissivity Tempered Glass
– Maintenance Free And Designed To Provide Decades Of Uninterrupted Power
– Plug And Play Junction Box
– Easy To Install
– Limited 25 Year Solar Panel Output Power Warranty

The Go Power! 100 Watt Solar Kit With 30 Amp PWM Solar Controller • 82844 is a reliable and efficient solar charging kit perfect for powering your off-grid adventures or providing backup power. This kit features a 95 Watt rigid solar panel with a lightweight anodized aluminum frame and high transmissivity tempered glass for enhanced durability and efficiency.

Equipped with a 30 Amp PWM solar controller, this kit ensures optimal charging performance. The screw mount panel design comes with all necessary mounting hardware for easy installation. The maintenance-free construction is designed to provide decades of uninterrupted power, making it a sustainable choice for environmentally conscious users.

With a plug-and-play junction box and a compact yet rugged design, this solar kit is user-friendly and ideal for various applications. Additionally, it comes with a limited 25-year solar panel output power warranty, giving you peace of mind for the long term. Experience the convenience and efficiency of solar power with the Go Power! 100 Watt Solar Kit.


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