Furrion White Retrofit door for Furrion Tankless RV Water Heating System 18.1″ x 18.1″ • 2021123944

Product Details

  • Specially designed for retrofit applications and use as a replacement door for Suburban™, Atwood™ 4/6 & 10 Gallon Water Heater models.
  • It’s easy and convenient to upgrade from a traditional, limited-capacity water heater to a Furrion Tankless Water Heating system.
  • Dimensions: 18.11” x 18.11”
  • Designed For: Suburban 4/6 Gallon Water Heater Replacement Door, Atwood 4/6 Gallon Water Heater Replacement Door, Suburban™ & Atwood 10 Gallon Water Heater Replacement Door
  • Door frame: Cold steel plate 0.8mm
  • Door: Cold steel plate 0.8mm
  • Bracket: Cold steel plate 1.2mm
  • Clip: Stainless
  • Spring: Stainless


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