Furrion Vision S Single Camera System with Marker Light and 7″ Monitor • 2021123882

Product Details

Customize your recreational vehicle or commercial trucks with the advanced Furrion Vision S Single Camera System. This system comes equipped with a 7″ Monitor and a high-quality rear camera integrated with a marker light for enhanced visibility and safety. Whether you are maneuvering your vehicle or monitoring the surroundings, the Furrion Vision S system provides you with reliable assistance.

– 7″ Monitor for clear and detailed viewing
– 1 Rear Camera with Marker Light for improved visibility
– Windshield Mount and Table Stand for versatile installation options
– 12 months limited warranty for peace of mind
– Wide viewing angle ensures comprehensive coverage
– Night vision capability for clear visibility in low-light conditions
– Motion detection feature alerts you to any movement in the camera’s field of view

Upgrade your vehicle’s safety monitoring with the Furrion Vision S Single Camera System and experience the convenience of keeping an eye on your surroundings effortlessly.


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