Furrion Enhanced Multi-Zone Controller for Furrion Chill AC Systems • 2021132273

Product Details

This Furrion Enhanced Multi-Zone Controller is the ultimate solution for easily managing the temperature in your RV. Specifically designed for compatibility with Furrion Chill AC Systems, this controller ensures a comfortable environment with its array of practical features.

  • Short Cycle Protection feature guarantees that your RV efficiently reaches its desired temperature without excessive energy consumption.
  • Built-In Freeze Protection ensures that your RV remains at a safe temperature even in cold conditions.
  • Auto Restart functionality provides peace of mind by automatically resuming operation after power outages.
  • Climatesmart Rating allows the controller to withstand temperature fluctuations without damage, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Vibrationsmart Rating ensures durability even on rough road conditions, protecting the controller from wear and tear.
  • Controls Auto and 3 Fan Speeds for versatile air circulation options.
  • Limited 2 Year Warranty for added assurance of quality and reliability.


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