Furrion Arctic 12V RV Refrigerator – 10 cu. ft, Left Hinge, Black • 2021123808

Product Details

Made for RVs

The spacious 10 cu. ft. Furrion Arctic 12V built-in RV fridge brings advanced cooling and durability in a sleek and elegant package. Thanks to the innovative arrangement of its components, it offers the largest capacity of any refrigerator in its class, delivering 25% more storage space than its counterparts within the same external dimensions, so you can bring all the comforts of home on the road.

  • Maximize Battery Life With energy consumption being an important consideration while on the move, its off-grid setting means this fridge won’t be a burden to your power system. Specially designed for mobile living, it’s built to fit perfectly into your existing space, so you can worry less about RV logistics and more about heading off on your next adventure.
  • Powerful Cooling and Freezing Furrion fridges will keep your food cooler and fresher for longer. The powerful cooling technology of the Furrion Arctic enables the freezer to reach temperatures as low as -4° F. Combined with well-insulated walls, your food will stay fresh for the duration of your trip – even if you suffer a power outage.
  • Furrion Arctic RV Refrigerator Features
  • MADE FOR RV LIVING — With a sleek design and 12-volt power input, your RV kitchen will have all the features of your home kitchen
  • LARGE CAPACITY — Store all your favorite foods and essentials in this 10 cu. ft. RV refrigerator. Your food stays fresh and cool, even when a power outage has occurred
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT — This eco-friendly fridge consumes less power and has an off-grid setting to conserve battery life

    POWERFUL COOLING — Powerful deep-freeze mode allows you to store cold foods, like ice cream, without melting.

  • MOBILE FEATURES — The 10 cu. ft. motorhome refrigerator comes with a door and storage lock to prevent the door from opening while traveling
  • Specs:

  • Product Color: Black
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Series: Arctic
  • Door Hinge Location: Left
  • Appliance Capacity: 10 cu ft
  • Warranty Term: 2 Years
  • Item Length: 24.25
  • Item Width: 25.75
  • Item Height: 60.12
  • Item Weight: 130


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