DU-HA Storage Tote Slide Bracket • 70104

Product Details

  • Portable and removable storage unit for SUV’s and pickup trucks. 
  • Designed to securely hold gear for contractors, sportsmen, soccer moms, and more. Includes organizers/gun rack for organizing belongings and storing rifles or shotguns with scopes. 
  • Gun racks are made of a soft material so they won’t damage guns and straps are included for securing guns to the gun rack to help prevent guns from bouncing around on rough terrain. 
  • Two utility trays with dividers are included for holding smaller items like hardware, ammo, and more. 
  • Sealed lid helps keep out moisture and dust. 
  • 3 lockable latches help protect your belongings from theft. 
  • Constructed from heavy duty polyethylene. 


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