Dometic Replacement 17-rpm Lift Motor for Fan-Tastic Vent B Series Roof Vents with Powered Lifts – Off White • K6010-80

Product Details

Use this 17-rpm auto-lift motor to replace the damaged one in a Fan-Tastic Vent B Series roof vent with a powered lift arm.

  • Replaces a damaged auto-lift motor in Fan-Tastic Vent B Series roof vents with powered lift arms
  • Includes (1) 17-rpm replacement auto-lift motor
  • This replacement motor is designed for use in Fan-Tastic Vent roof vents with 17-rpm motors manufactured in 2014 or after. If your fan is of a lower rpm or manufactured before 2014, this motor will still work, but you will need to cross the wires. For example, instead of red to red and black to black, you will need to connect the red wire to the black wire and the the black wire to the red wire.


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