Dometic Hydroflame Heater/Furnace Motor • 37358

Product Details

The Dometic Hydroflame Heater/Furnace Motor • 37358 is a crucial component designed to enhance the performance of your RV furnace system. This powerful motor is seamlessly attached to both the blower wheel and the combustion air wheel, working in unison to facilitate the effective circulation of air within your furnace. Once the control board initiates power supply to the motor, it springs into action, enabling the rotation of the shaft connected to the blower and combustion air wheels, resulting in a steady and consistent airflow.

– Power Source: 12V DC
– Compatible with Dometic™ (Hydroflame) furnace model: 8525-III
– Efficiently moves the furnace blower and combustion air wheels
– Facilitates optimal air circulation within the furnace system
– Enhances overall heating performance in your RV
– Easy to install and seamlessly integrates into the existing furnace setup

Upgrade your RV heating system with the reliable and high-performing Dometic Hydroflame Heater/Furnace Motor • 37358.


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