Dometic 9100 Series Power Awning Right Arm Hardware – Standard – Black • 3312487.006U

Product Details

This is the right side awning arm hardware for the use with Dometic 9100 or 9200 Power Awnings. The extension arm is a crucial component of an RV awning system, as its function is to provide support and tension to the awning fabric, ensuring that it remains taut and stable during use. The extension arm mounts to the RV sidewall and extends outward to support the awning fabric roller tube assembly. When the awning is extended, the extension arm helps to support the weight of the fabric and prevent it from sagging or flapping in the wind. It also provides a stable base for the awning, allowing you to enjoy shade and protection from the elements in comfort.


  • Compatibility: 9100 Series Power Patio Awnings
  • Standard Style: The most widely used on RVs
  • Adjustable Pitch: Adjust the arm pitch for protection from the weather
  • Color: Black
  • Back Channel Length 65-5/8″
  • Front Channel Length 64-7/8″
  • Lower Pivot Height 30-5/16″
  • Compatible with: 8952002.400 and 8962002.400 Awning Hardware Systems


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