Dicor PVC Roofing Adhesive, Water Based Acrylic, 1 Gallon • 935BA-1

Product Details

Designed for sealing polyvinyl chloride surfaces, the Dicor PVC Roofing Adhesive is a water-based acrylic bonding adhesive that comes in a convenient 1-gallon pail, providing excellent coverage while being easy to apply. This specially formulated adhesive is environmentally and user safe, making it a reliable choice for various roofing projects. Unlike traditional adhesives, this water-based acrylic bonding adhesive can remain open longer during installation, allowing for greater flexibility and ease of use. It is important to note that this bonding agent is specifically designed for use on moisture-absorbent substrates and should not be used on metal or fiberglass surfaces.

– Use To Seals Polyvinyl Chloride
– Specially Formulated To Be Environmentally And User Safe
– Water Based Acrylic Bonding Adhesive Can Remain Open Longer During Installation
– Provides Excellent Coverage And Is Easy To Apply From Either A 1 Gallon Pail
– Bonding Agent Is Designed For Use On Moisture-Absorbent Substrates Not On Metal Or Fiberglass
– Capacity: 1 Gallon


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