Dicor DiFlex II TPO Tan Roof Membrane 9.5’W x 30’L • DFII95T-30

Product Details

The Dicor DiFlex II TPO Tan Roof Membrane is a premium roofing solution offering exceptional protection for your property. Measuring 9.5 feet in width and 30 feet in length, it provides extensive coverage for various roofing applications. The tan hue not only adds a touch of style but also blends seamlessly with diverse building styles.

– Length: 30 Feet
– Width: 9.5 Feet
– Color: Tan
– Material: Plastic (Thermoplastic Olefin TPO)
– Contains No Plasticizers To Migrate
– Remains Flexible Throughout Its Lifetime
– UV Resistant Throughout Its Lifetime
– Remains Flexible To Resist Hail Damage Throughout Its Lifetime
– Even Flexible In Cold Weather And Less Prone To Cracking
– Easily Repairable Throughout Its Lifetime
– Not Affected By Ponding Water
– Not Affected By Environmental Contaminants
– Limited 12 Year Warranty

Crafted to endure varying environmental conditions, this TPO membrane boasts UV resistance and maintains suppleness even in chilly climates, reducing the risk of cracking. Its robust design ensures resilience against hail damage and immunity to ponding water or environmental pollutants. Additionally, the membrane’s repairability feature guarantees longevity and structural integrity. With a dependable 12-year warranty, the Dicor DiFlex II TPO Tan Roof Membrane promises steadfast protection for years to come.


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