Dicor DiFlex II TPO Dove RV Roof Membrane 9.5’W x 35’L • DFII95D-35

Product Details

– Length: 35 Feet
– Width: 9.5 Feet
– Color: Dove White
– Material: Plastic (Thermoplastic Olefin TPO)
– Contains No Plasticizers To Migrate
– Remains Flexible Throughout Its Lifetime
– UV Resistant Throughout Its Lifetime
– Remains Flexible To Resist Hail Damage Throughout Its Lifetime
– Even Flexible In Cold Weather And Less Prone To Cracking
– Easily Repairable Throughout Its Lifetime
– Not Affected By Ponding Water
– Not Affected By Environmental Contaminants
– Limited 12-Year Warranty

The Dicor DiFlex II TPO Dove RV Roof Membrane is a high-quality roofing solution designed to provide durability and flexibility for your recreational vehicle. With a length of 35 feet and a width of 9.5 feet, this membrane is easy to install and offers superior protection.

Crafted from plastic (Thermoplastic Olefin TPO), this membrane is engineered to withstand the elements with ease. It contains no plasticizers, ensuring longevity and preventing any migration that could compromise its performance. The material remains flexible throughout its lifetime, making it resistant to hail damage and cracking, even in cold weather.

The Dove White color not only adds a clean and stylish look to your RV but also contributes to the UV resistance of the membrane. This feature ensures that the membrane retains its color and integrity over time, providing lasting protection for your vehicle.

In addition, the Dicor DiFlex II TPO membrane is easily repairable, offering convenience and cost-effectiveness for maintenance. It is not affected by ponding water or environmental contaminants, further enhancing its reliability in various conditions.

Backed by a limited 12-year warranty, the Dicor DiFlex II TPO Dove RV Roof Membrane is a dependable choice for safeguarding your RV roof and ensuring peace of mind during your travels.


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