Dicor DiFlex II TPO Bright White Roof Membrane (4.5’W x 16’L) • DFII46D-16

Product Details

Lifetime flexibility and UV resistance! Softest TPO available. No fleece backing. Assures a watertight roof that is easy to maintain and saves energy through its heat reflecting characteristics. Highly puncture and tear resistant. The membrane resists uneven weathering, fading or chalkiness.


  • Color: Bright White
  • Size: 4.5’W x 16’L
  • Roof Type: TPO
  • Contains no plasticizers to migrate
  • Remains flexible throughout its lifetime
  • UV resistant throughout its lifetime
  • Remains flexible to resist hail damage throughout its lifetime
  • Even flexible in cold weather and less prone to cracking
  • Easily repairable throughout its lifetime
  • Not effected by ponding water
  • Not effected by environmental contaminants
  • 12 Year Limited Warranty


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