Curt Assure Proportional Trailer Brake Controller W/dynamic Screen • 51160

Product Details

Staying safe on the road, protecting your cargo and maximizing the life of your vehicle and trailer requires a sophisticated brake control, especially when you’re frequently towing heavy loads. The CURT Assure™ is an advanced brake control option that features a highly responsive sensor, a pressure-sensitive manual override and a high-quality, OLED display to ensure smooth braking no matter where the road takes you. To fully integrate with your vehicle and provide you with direct monitoring of the trailer brakes, the Assure™ brake controller comes with a 1-1/2″ wide, 128 x 64 dot matrix OLED display. This high-quality screen provides a clear, easy-to-view interface to monitor and control trailer brake activity. The screen also flips up or folds down to give you a clear view wherever the brake control unit is mounted. The Assure™ trailer brake controller is built around a triple-axis motion-sensing accelerometer that detects the movement and position of the vehicle on the road. When the brakes are engaged, this accelerometer allows the Assure™ to deliver the precise amount of power to the trailer brakes to flawlessly decelerate the vehicle-trailer combination. It also automatically adjusts this power output when going up or down a hill. The pressure-sensitive button on the side of the Assure™ electric brake controller allows for manual override of the automated braking. This means you can apply the trailer brakes whenever necessary, whether to correct minor trailer sway or to reduce speed on the highway. Because the button is pressure-sensitive, you can apply the brakes as much or as little as desired. Like all CURT brake controllers, the Assure™ is equipped with a quick plug connector to easily plug into any of our vehicle-specific brake control harnesses for a custom fit. It also features a sleek, low-profile design to be unobtrusive in your vehicle and an auto-sleep feature to save power. It is compatible with a variety of vehicle systems and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Pressure-sensitive manual override button for precise braking power
  • Large, high-quality 1-1/2″ OLED screen displays full text readout
  • Sleek, low-profile design with tactile buttons
  • Triple-axis, motion-sensing accelerometer for highly responsive, smooth stops
  • Third axis provides dynamic power adjustments when going up or down a hill
  • Display can be tilted for different mounting options, above or below the dash
  • Diagnostic alerts notify of potential problems like low voltage or disconnect
  • User-selectable power output and trailer brake light activation
  • Automatic leveling and calibration eliminate setup requirements
  • Mounts at various angles, above or below the dash, to increase usability
  • Nine levels of sensitivity adjustment for varying loads or driving conditions
  • Auto sleep mode prevents battery drain
  • Plug-and-play install with vehicle-specific quick plug harness (sold separately)
  • Operates 2-8 trailer brakes at a time (1-4 axles)
  • Built-in reverse-polarity and short-circuit protection
  • Compatible with low-voltage systems, PWM systems, ABS and cruise control
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Includes mounting hardware


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