Culligan 5-Micron On-Cellulose Carbon Replacement Cartridge • D-15

Product Details

The Culligan® D-15 2-pack Basic Filtration cartridge is designed to enhance the quality of your water supply by reducing bad taste & odor, aesthetic chlorine taste & odor, and sediment. Specifically engineered for compatibility with Culligan’s RVF-10 system, this 5-Micron carbon-impregnated NON-cellulose cartridge is ideally suited for well water applications. It is recommended for use in point-of-use under-sink or pre-tank RV installations, ensuring that you have access to clean and fresh water directly where you need it. Please note, this cartridge is not intended for point-of-entry whole house applications.

– 5 Micron carbon-impregnated NON-cellulose cartridge
– Use with Culligan® RVF-10
– Recommended for use with city and well water supplies

Product Specifications:
– Package includes: Two (2) D-15 cartridges and cartridge change reminder sticker
– Filter Life: 250 gallons or 3 months
– Nominal Micron Rating: 5 micron
– Flow Rate (GPM): 1 GPM
– Temperature Range Fahrenheit: 40 –100°F
– Operating Pressure Range PSI: 30–125 psi
– Use With: RVF-10

Ensure your water is both clean and refreshing with the Culligan 5-Micron On-Cellulose Carbon Replacement Cartridge • D-15, providing peace of mind and high-quality water filtration for your household needs.


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